Coaching for Performance Book Sir John WhitmoreGROWing Human Potential and Purpose: The principles and practice of coaching and leadership
By Sir John Whitmore PhD (Completely revised May 2009)

Coaching is more than a skill or a technique for individual and team development. It is invaluable for task performance and delegation. It can be deployed as effectively for quick management interactions as it can in a half hour coaching session.

Coaching is a powerful tool for developing leadership and employee performance beyond the typical skill and motivational approaches to professional development.

Embedded in the process of on going communication and relationship building it delivers practical, common sense approaches to developing people and services, and is a powerful way of creating excellent results.

Most importantly it places people at the top of the agenda in action not just in word and is an essential management style of the high performing company culture of the future.

About the Book

This fourth edition of the bestselling coaching book, Coaching for Performance, sees many changes, additions and updates. It is 50 pages longer than the third edition and over 100 longer than the first in 1992. This is by far the most comprehensive rewrite that I have done, and it may well be the last, and I hope the most long lasting.

One of the principle reasons for the popularity of this book, we are told, is that the language is so easy to read and understand, but I have attempted to refine that further throughout the whole book and make it even more so. I have also divided Coaching for Performance into four Parts: The Principles of Coaching; The Practice of Coaching; Leadership for High Performance; and Transformation through Transpersonal Coaching. This makes it easier to identify the subject you want and to dip in and out of it.